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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Eddie and Jess are awesome! Tremendously knowledgable on the local area and went well above and beyond the call of duty in helping us navigate a few construction issues and insurance issues significantly after our closing. These two are genuinely good people and I will happily give them my  business for years to come. 

We were most impressed with Eddie and Jessica's professionalism in selling our home! Our experience with them was at the utmost level. They were extremely thorough in making sure our home was well advertised. The use of the internet was used in addition to other methods. Ample notices were given  for showings. Good advice was given on how we should show our home to potential buyers. Reviews were prompt and descriptive. Negotiations were handled in a professional and informative manner when offerings were placed on our home. When our home sold, Eddie and Jessica were most helpful in the closing process.

My husband and I were very impressed with Eddie and his entire team during the time we were listed with them. Communication was excellent. They had good ideas, were honest and we enjoyed our relationship with them. Any time we had to go to the office, every associate treated us with kindness,  respect and professionalism. We would highly recommend them for the sale or purchase of a home in the area.

Jessica was so helpful in every aspect of searching for and buying our new home! She gathered info on homes for us, and looked into homes we found separately, took all the time we needed to show us the homes in person, handled all the appointments we could not be there for (moving from out of  town), and overall went above & beyond. Always friendly, responsive & knowledgeable!

Jessica was great. She was extremely responsive and always texted me back immediately and called as soon as she was able. I would describe her as fairly aggressive in working with details on getting the deal done. A great experience. I would recommend her, especially in the hot and fast market  of WNC

We worked mostly with Jessica. She is awesome. We moved from northern Illinois so it took some real coordination when we finally made the trip down and Jessica go us in to see 5 of the 6 houses we were interested in. The 6th was under contract. She was actually able to get us into another house  that fit our criteria that came on the market that day! At each house, Jessica knew what needed work and what had recently been done or fixed. She is so on top of everything that is available in the area and very knowledgable about all the neighborhoods and surrounding towns. We are so happy to have worked with Jessica and Eddie and we definitely recommend them! We will be looking to them again if/when the time comes for us to make another move in the area. Thank you so much Jessica and Eddie for helping us find our home!

Very professional, understanding, available for questions, and professional photography available would recommend them for other sales. My friends and family were amazed at what my house looked online. I sold my home in one week, and had interest generated before it was even on the market.

I worked with Jessica long distance - because I was 700+ miles away, she really took over and provided services and info that I really needed. And she never made me feel like I was being bothersome ... I will totally recommend her to anyone, she made my purchase sooo easy.

Jessica is quick to respond. She went above and beyond her duties when she worked with my family. Our relocation experience was extremely smooth because of many behind-the-scene tasks she took upon herself. I highly recommend her.

Bottom line: We netted over $30K more selling our house than if we had used another realtor. Here are the details. We bought a house in Cheshire in 2013 for $581K. Eddie was our buyers agent then, and did a great job. But when our plans changed and we decided to sell the house 4 years later, we  talked to 3 well-respected realtors (including Eddie). Our guess was that it would make sense to list the house for $650, then if we got lucky we'd end up with an offer near that, and after paying realtor commissions and a few minor repairs (that are always needed after buyer inspection), we'd probably break even on the house, or maybe make a little. We didn't suggest the selling price to any of the realtors- we wanted to see what THEY suggested. The first two realtors suggested exactly what we thought made sense- list the house for $650K, and see what happens. When we asked if we should "freshen" the house with new carpet and interior paint (both probably about ten years old), both advised against spending money on that, saying the buyers would want to choose their own colors, etc. That seemed to make sense to us, too. Then Eddie came over. He said, "Do you want to know what I really think?" Obviously, we did. He said that we had a gorgeous house, but it really didn't come off that way. The paint and carpet were old and probably dated. We had furnished the house with our older furniture from our main house in Ohio, and added some Ikea things. Eddie said we should hire a staging company to select modern paint and carpet colors, and we should have them "stage" the home with nice furniture, artwork, etc. He said if we did that, he was confident in pricing the house at $700K. I thought that price was high, but it hadn't made sense to me that the other realtors didn't want us to paint the house and do carpet- it just looked "worn-out." Who wants to buy an expensive house that looks "worn-out"? So we went with Eddie. Hired the staging company he recommended, who chose paint and carpet, and redecorated the home with some our our furnishings, and some new furniture and artwork added. Then we held our breath. It's not unusual for high-end vacation homes in Black Mountain to take a year or more to sell- there's just not a lot of buyers at those prices. We were confident we had made the right decision, the house looked GORGEOUS, but knew it might still take a long time to sell. Eddie also did great marketing, including great photos, a nice color brochure, even an online walk-through. And of course he did open houses for both realtors and potential buyers. Several people looked at the house, some more than once. But no nibbles. And then, after only a couple months, we had not only an offer, but a FULL PRICE offer. And, yes, it was a real buyer. After the inspection, there were a few minor repair needed to make the buyer happy, and we gladly paid for those (since we don't live in the area, Eddie actually arranged and managed the repairs for us). Then we closed. The buyer is very happy, and so are we! We sold the house for $50,000 more than the other two realtors would have listed it for. After deducting the cost of the paint and carpet (which I bet we would have ended up doing anyway if we had gone with another realtor) and the staging fee, we netted about $30,000 more by using Eddie. Not because he simply wanted to try to sell our home for a higher price, but because he had a detailed, logical plan to make the house more desirable. Eddie is the guy in Black Mountain, period. If you're buying or selling a home and don't use him you're crazy

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