The Selling Process


Selling your home involves more than just putting a FOR SALE sign in your yard.

It is often more emotional to sell your home than it is to purchase a home.  Cottonwood Properties is dedicated to helping you through the entire process with ease.  Here’s a general guide for the selling process:

1. Connect with a Realtor

  • If you're searching for a Listing Agent, search no further!  Cottonwood Properties will provide you with a listing presentation that includes information on our extensive marketing plan, and many other benefits of working with our team.

2. List Your Property

  • Once you’ve decided on a Listing Agent, you’ll sign an agreement giving the agent exclusive rights to list your home.  This acts as a binding contract between you and your agent.

3. Comparative Market Analysis

  • Your Listing Agent will prepare a CMA to help you determine the best price at which to list your home.  Their experience and advice should be be taken into serious consideration; However, you will have the ultimate say in the list price of your home.

4. Market Your Home

  • In addition to placing a FOR SALE sign in your yard, Cottonwood Properties offers an extensive marketing plan that will advertise and showcase your property for sale to numerous websites. 

5. Be Ready To Show Your Property

  • Keep your home in showing condition, complete with staged furniture.
  • Allow your Listing Agent to hold an Open House inviting buyers to get a first look.
  • Your Listing Agent will schedule showings of your home with interested buyers.

6. Receive an Offer

  • Buyers will submit offers to purchase your home.  Your Listing Agent will negotiate on your behalf until seller and buyer can come to an acceptance.

7.  Hire an Attorney

  • You will need to hire an Attorney to assist you in the process of the sale of your home.  Your Listing Agent should be able to recommend an attorney to use.
  • Once you decide on an attorney, your Listing Agent will send all required paperwork to them.  You will then be notified you of the closing date and time. 

7. Closing

  • You will close on the sale with the buyer, your agent and your attorney present.